Thursday, 5 May 2011


I have started to do some painting samples to try out different styles and techniques. One is done using just paint brushes and acrylic paint and has quite a strong bold affect. I like this style, but I think that it is a little too bold as it is meant to symbolise air and wind it would ideally be a little softer.

Paint Brush Technique
The second sample I did using a small roller and a sponge to try and achieve a softer more subtle air like affect. I also like this technique and think it would work well on the final piece.

Roller Technique
I have also been experimenting with adding texture using polyfiller and surface filler to create a more interesting affect. This is a technique that I used during my work placement and found it really affective, especially from a distance. Another technique I used on work placement was using a spray gun, which is something I would like to try out on the third sample. The spray gun will create an even softer and subtle affect than the roller as the colours can be more seamlessly blended. As well as doing a sample I also have to do some research into portable spray guns, as I will be potentially painting on location at the church I would need to have access to an air compressor. However if this is not possible I will use the roller technique.


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