Monday, 16 May 2011

Masking Out:

As I am spraying the canvas I had to mask of some areas to protect them from the paint. I used a 1cm wide roll of masking tape to go around the curved sections and then covered the rest in newspaper. I was more careful this time to make sure all the tape was firmly stuck down as on the sample some of the colour leaked and had to be painted back over. Once these sections are painted I will then have to re-mask different areas so they can be painted, working in this fashion until the whole piece is complete.

Masking off

Masked off areas
I also removed and re stuck the strips of fabric on the back of the plywood that were supporting the join as they were not laying flush and were creating quite an obvious line. This did rectify the problem, however, it meant that the large centre piece would no longer fold into three, so I had to remove them once again. At the moment I have not replaced them a third time as it may be sturdy enough to supports itself.

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