Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Design Influences:

The Mural will be on a Christian theme, but also very modern. I am not planning on recreating anything in the Sistine Chapel style. I hope that I can create something modern and slick, but that also speaks to people of God and enhances their time spent in the church. I particularly like the work of Juliet Hemmingray who produces church textiles such as stoles, preaching scarfs, banners pulpit falls etc. Her designs are based on religious imagery and symbols that have been used for generations throughout worship.
Another artist I am really inspires by is Sister Mary Stephen CRSS, her work has had the greatest influence on my own designs. She creates drawings and images based on Bible verses and Christian ideas. I find them so moving and really beautiful, they covey the type of feelings and message I hope the create in my own work. I also like the pastel quality to her work and they movement they have, they are so simple but say so much.

 produce christian resources and materials that I am also taking inspiration from in my design work.

 I have also looked at some more cecular artists and some traditional and modern stained glass windows for possible ideas.