Thursday, 5 May 2011


Once I had produced some initial design ideas and chose the stylistic aspects I wanted in the final design I then started to consolidate my ideas. I decided to use a dove as the main christian symbol within the piece. I wanted the painting to suggest a dove tearing through the sky to earth. I decided upon quite a stylised dove as the whole piece is quite abstract, so a realistic dove would look out of place. The rest of the drawing I wanted to represent Gods Holy Spirit coming to earth like a dove. I am hoping to achieve a sense of movement and something ripping through the air like when a space shuttle re-enters the atmosphere. I am keeping the palette to blues and green as these are natural colours that work well together, also the walls of the church are painted a very pale green so it will work subtly with the whole colour scheme of the room. The church also has red chairs which will create a nice contrast.

 I produced a variety of drawings playing around mainly with the composition and positioning of the dove. Once the dove is in position then the rest of the drawing fits around where it is placed. I finally decided upon placing the dove in the bottom right corner so that the drawing filled the majority of space available. I made sure to draw the design in 1:12 scale so it will be simple to scale the drawing up for the final piece.

Final Design

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